Friday, May 18, 2018

Three new Edward Newell research notebooks added to Archer

Three research notebooks of Edward T. Newell have been added to Archer, the archives of the American Numismatic Society. These had been scanned as part of the larger Newell digitization project, which was migrated into IIIF for display in Mirador (with annotations) in late 2017.

These three notebooks had been scanned, but TEI files had not been generated due to some minor oversight. Generating the TEI files was fairly straightforward--there's a small PHP script that will extract MODS from our Koha-based library catalog. These MODS files are subsequently run through an XSLT 3.0 stylesheet to generate TEI with a facsimile listing of all image files associated with the notebook, linking to the IIIF service URI. XSLT 3.0 comes into play to parse the info.json for each image in order to insert the height and width of the source image directly into the TEI, which is used for the TEI->IIIF Manifest JSON transformation (the canvas and image portions of the manifest), which is now inherent to TEI files published in the EADitor platform.

The notebooks all share the same general theme: they are Newell's notes on the coins in the Berlin M├╝nzkabinett, which we aim to annotate in Mirador over the course of the NEH-funded Hellenistic Royal Coinages project.

A fourth notebook was found to have not yet been scanned, and so it will be published online soon.