Monday, September 26, 2016

Publication of the NEH/Mellon Open Humanities ebooks

About a month ago, we pushed about 85 TEI files into production in the ANS Digital Library. These ebooks were transcribed from HathiTrust scans as part of the NEH/Mellon Open Humanities Book Program. Not all of the books have value-added tagging yet. We hired a TEI specialist several weeks ago to begin the process of linking coins, coin types, hoards, people, places, and other subject matter in the body of these books to URIs in our or other information systems.

So far three of these books are complete:
  1. The Fifth Dura Hoard
  2. The Earliest Coins of Norway
  3. The Medallic Work of A.A. Weinman
Like the first book published into our Digital Library (Noe's Coin Hoards), the TEI links have been transformed into RDF conforming to Open Annotation, and these annotations are available in our other systems. For example, J. Sanford Saltus is referenced in The Medallic Work of A.A. Weinman, and so this annotation is available in the biography of Saltus in our EAC-CPF-driven authority system.

Most of the remaining books should have completed value-added TEI markup by the end of the year.