Wednesday, March 5, 2014

xEAC: Current and Future Work this Month

I am in the process of migrating various projects to Bootstrap 3, which greatly improves mobile support. Numishare's master branch has been migrated to Bootstrap from jQuery UI (with the exception of multiselect, which is on the agenda). I recently completed the migration of xEAC to Bootstrap (including multiselects on the browse page), and EADitor will be next. Now that I have successfully implemented Bootstrap Multiselect, I will be able to apply these changes back to Numishare. Frankly, the AJAX lookup mechanism for dynamic Solr facet terms is much simpler in Bootstrap Multiselect compared to the older jQuery UI one I had been using for three years--far less javascript required on my end.

While I was at it, and since I'm having Orbeon (the engine powering both the front end user interface and the back end editing in both xEAC and EADitor) output pages in HTML5, I went ahead and applied fairly basic RDFa to EAC-CPF record pages so that machine readable data can be extracted by using the W3C distiller.

I will be traveling to London at the end of this month to participate in the Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies meeting to discuss EAC-CPF and xEAC to some degree. The meeting consists mainly of digital humanists who have a lot of experience with TEI and CIDOC-CRM, but may be completely unaware of the emergence of EAC-CPF as a LAM standard for modeling entities and their relationships. Since we at the American Numismatic Society are moving forward with our own prosopography of the Roman Empire (which will tie into other projects, such as Online Coins of the Roman Empire and, we aim to contribute our entity URIs into SNAP, which will facilitate larger scale aggregation of cultural heritage materials related to ancient people. In order to broaden access and use of our data, we will not only provide the source EAC-CPF XML documents, but also alternative serializations in various forms of RDF (like CIDOC-CRM) and TEI conforming to the prosopography recommendations. By the end of the month, I plan to have some basic CIDOC-CRM and TEI exports functional, as well as possibly hooking xEAC up to a RDF triplestore/SPARQL endpoint as a proof of concept of publishing EAC-CPF as linked open data right out of the box.

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