Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exporting EAC-CPF to TEI

As indicated in the TO-DO list in the recent xEAC beta announcement, and as part of the design specifications for our IMLS grant application for the further development of xEAC (and the creation of a prosopographical datset of the Roman Empire), I have implemented a basic EAC-CPF-to-TEI transformation. It isn't yet a complete crosswalk, but it handles the following:

  • name entries
  • biographical description
  • the generation of a chronological list of events (including descriptions with normalized dates and places that link to either Pleiades or Geonames)
  • a list of relations, implementing semantic relationships defined in the @xlink:arcrole of the cpfRelation element.

There is now a link on the HTML page for an entity record to the TEI export. One can access this alternate model by appending '.tei' to the URI, e.g., http://admin.numismatics.org/xeac/id/id/alexander_the_great.tei.

The XSLT stylesheet is available at Github at https://github.com/ewg118/xEAC/blob/master/ui/xslt/serializations/eac/tei.xsl.

The model is based upon the TEI Prosopography documentation and some examples in the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names.

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