Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Improving Date Functionality

The default EAD templates  in EADitor have been updated to require the @normal attribute for the encoding of dates, and I have finally gotten around to improving the interface for entering in standard ISO-compliant dates (and automatically generating human-readable text).  This will ultimately improve the finding aids created in EADitor by making contents sortable by creation date.

When inserting a date or unit date anywhere in the document, the user may select the Date or Date Range radio button to display the associated data inputs.  These values (and the machine-generated human readable text) are not inserted into the finding aid until they are valid.  So therefore, the Date, From Date, and To Date must conform to the xs:date (yyyy-mm-dd), xs:gYearMonth (yyyy-mm) or xs:gYear (yyyy) formats.  Furthermore, the To Date must be a greater value than the From Date.  This is a small step, but it should have a great impact on the usefulness of the data with respect to querying.

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